Born once, die twice. Born twice, die once.

WOW those words totally hit me this morning as I read my devotional written by faithful women in our church. I cherish these morning devotionals as they set my day on the right path.

This one sentence has so much power and so much truth and also sadness in it. I’m sure we all know someone in our lives who hasn’t, or maybe out right rejects the free gift that God and Jesus offer. It’s sad to know that when God opens the book of life their names won’t be in there.

That thought might overwhelm some. It did and sometimes does to me as well. But we have to keep persevering, we have to keep sharing the name of Jesus to all ends of the earth so that all might know his name and turn to him. And we should speak boldly and honestly with people. Don’t cover up your beliefs because you’re worried that you might offend someone. I’m reminded of a recent trip to Canada, Larry and I prayed ferverently for opportunities to share the gospel with family. Luckily God opened that door for us and allowed us to have a discussion. I would love to say we were able to show them God’s free gift of grace and they became our brothers and sisters in Christ. While they weren’t born again, we did have the opportunity to answer an important question. When we explained that we believed the only way to get to Heaven was through acceptance of our Lord Jesus who died on the cross for us to take our sins the questions was asked:

“So then you don’t believe we’re going to heaven?” Wow, my heart started beating quickly, but I took a deep breath and answered honestly. “No, we don’t”.

Any other answer would have been against the very book I believe, the very words from our Heavenly father that I study. And frankly it would have been insulting to them to say anything other than what we believe.

But we are still persistent and still pray for other opportunities to continue the conversation, continue to share grace.

Born once, die twice. Born twice, die once. Let’s make this true for everyone we know and don’t know.


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