Not relying on my own understanding

I started this whole blog because of the verse from Proverbs 3:5(6) “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will direct your paths.”

I was recently at a Moms group two weeks ago, they were going through the announcements, I was a bit preoccupied thinking about how I needed to wrap up the Moments I was organizing for our church so that I could make some announcements in the coming weeks. A woman whom I’ve seen at church but hadn’t really talked to much got up to talk, she was letting everyone know that their were still children available to be hosted for Christmas and to pray about if this was an opportunity for us.

And then I heard it. The Holy Spirit saying “Are you listening? Are you listening?” I without thinking wrote in my book, hosting a child for Christmas?

I had absolutely no idea what that meant, what I would be doing what it would entail etc. I came home and emailed my husband to see if it would be something he would be open to finding out more information. This is something I really try to work at, y’know involving the Leader of our family in decisions that impact our family…I admittedly am not so great at that sometimes, but I really am getting better I swear! He agreed to find out more information of what that would look like or mean.

I emailed the informational email to ask where I could get some additional information. The same woman who made the announcement emailed me back and gave us a pretty good detailed email about what that would look like. So far it was sounding pretty good…then I read: The cost to host is $2700. My first and immediate thought was ‘Oh yeah, that’s not going to work’

And then that voice was back “Why are you worrying? Is there some need you have that I am not currently providing for you?” Right…you’re right. OK God. If this is something you want us to do I am leaving it in your hands to help us work out the details.

When I told my husband, he gets full credit, his response was a slow but steady OK. He admitted that internally he was freaking out a bit, how would we afford this? Is my wife a little crazy? Should we get her checked out? -Ha that’s me taking liberty he didn’t say and I’m pretty sure didn’t actually think that…pretty sure.

And then we talked logistics. Well we have three bedrooms, and our family is coming into town at Christmas, so we really could only be able to host a girl. When I tried to think of the flyer I had seen I couldn’t recall any single girls on there, There were girls but I thought they were all in sibling groups that had to be hosted together. We agreed I would talk to the organizer explain our situation and if it didn’t work out this year, then perhaps next year.

Fast forward to yesterday, when I saw her and explained the only way it would work for our family. She immediately picked up the flyer and pointed to a girl that for some reason I hadn’t “seen” at first. I immediately got goose bumps, we both looked at one another and could feel it. It just it’s indescribable. I just knew, this was what was meant to happen.

While we are still in the beginning phases right now, I am praying fervently. I want my husband and I to really be on the same page, I want him to feel really comfortable with this decision. We both know that God’s will will be done in our lives because our focus is on Him and what He is asking us to do.

Would you pray for us? Would you pray for Larry and I to be drawn closer together in this and through this. Honestly in so many ways I feel like this is already drawing us closer together, regardless of the outcome. But would you pray for us. Pray that if we do take this on that we have a lot of fun doing fundraising to help her come and be part of our family for Christmas. Would you pray for her, this precious daughter of Jesus who is in a situation I can imagine none of us would want our daughters in.

Thank you, thank you for praying. Keep coming back to see our journey through us stepping out in Faith and letting go of control to God so He can do His work in us.


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