Human Limitations

John 8:15 “You judge me with all your human limitations, but I am not judging anyone.”

So many people reject Jesus because they judge the human limitations of this world. They see the followers and their actions and judge those actions as followers being one big contradiction. Preaching one way, but living another.

I get this. While I work hard to live and respond to people, conflict etc. like Jesus would I am by no means the best at it. I lose my temper, I snap at my kids and speak unkindly to my husband. I am not a perfect person.

But here are some ways I have been trying to respond more like Jesus, to stop being a contradiction and help people see Jesus through me at all times.

A few weeks ago I was driving down a local one way highway going the speed limit…for some reason in our area going the speed limit is outrageous! Following the rules? How dare you! So the gentleman behind me had some…interesting ways of communicating his displeasure of me going the speed limit. I could have reciprocated his actions back, I could have rolled down my window at the stop sign and explained I had a sleeping baby in the back seat, but instead I prayed. I prayed for him and his passenger, I prayed for where they were going in such a hurry and that they would get their safely.

I spent 4 months trying to recover a 401K check that was supposed to be sent back to me, In the end we had to switch over all of our accounts to a different bank just so I could get a paper signed. Then I had to call 7 times in 2 months to insist I had filled out the paper correctly and why couldn’t someone go and look at the physical copy themselves? I would like to say I never raised my voice or became angry….but that would be a giant lie. But toward the end of the 7 times, I took a deep breath, asked God for kind words and was able to communicate my frustrations in a calm manner, and I did in the end receive my money! -woohoo!

About a two years ago, I invited a friend to a conference that in the end conflicted with a wedding I committed to doing and I wasn’t able to go. I hurt my friends feelings by doing this, she felt frustrated and angry and alone and sent me an email that conveyed those hurt feelings. While I couldn’t take responsibility for everything in the email, I prayed and talked at length with God about what happened and finally responded how Jesus would have responded.


So I guess my post may be a little disjointed…truthfully most are from the starting scripture to the ending words. What I am trying to say is don’t judge the Jesus in “us”, in our human limitations. Instead find out who he is. Don’t decide because of one or two (or 100) people you may have met that didn’t live up to a “Christian” standard you may have in your mind. Really get to know who He is, what He says, what His Salvation looks like before you decide Jesus “isn’t for you”. Just because we follow Jesus doesn’t mean we’re perfect. We still have bad days, some worse than others, but I can say with confidence that the majority of us do try to model ourselves after our Savior.
The Savior of the world.


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